Bad Credit Finance

Many people in the UK suffer with less than perfect credit, anything from missed payments to bankruptcies are ways your credit can end up scratched. Car genie can help people with bad credit who have been refused credit elsewhere to obtain finance. We have helped many people that haven’t been fortunate enough to get finance elsewhere get the car of their dreams.
We’ve built an extensive panel of lenders with a wide range of solutions, this allows us to find finance where other brokers may not. Many companies will dismiss applicants with CCj’s, IVA’s or other financial issues in the past, we see this as short sighted and are willing to take the time to find the right deal for you.
We treat every application individually as we know no two credit scores are the same. Our close relationship with our lenders gives us the freedom to work on your behalf to secure finance, even with poor credit.

Already declined finance?

Even if you’ve already been declined for finance elsewhere it doesn’t mean you can’t get it, our extensive list of lenders and close relationships give us a better shot than most, we understand how hard it can be and we’ll do all we can to help you, just give us a call and find out.

Giving you the best shot.

As you might already know, getting finance with bad credit and falling into the subprime category can be difficult, and while we’ll do all we can on our end to help, there are a few things you can do to help your credit application.

First, although we can obtain your finance with zero deposit, a larger deposit can give you a better chance of having your finance application accepted. We also suggest finding a car that will suit your circumstances and budget. You also need to take account of additional costs such as insurance, as well as what it costs to run and repair the car. The finance company appreciates when you take this into account in your affordability.


Flexi-Lease is the most flexible way to get your brand new car. Unlike other forms of finance we can issue short term deals from 6-18 months, with no credit checks. Flexi-Lease is perfect if your looking for a short term solution for a new car, deals can be taken out for 6-18 months on new or nearly new cars. It can be taken out on either a personal or business contract. It also gives you the option to get yourself a new car every 12 months.

No credit checks

If you suffer from a bad credit history Flexi-Lease is the perfect option for you, we don’t need to carry out any credit checks to get you driving a brand new car. Defaults, CCJs, IVAs and even bankruptcies can be accepted.

Why Use Flexi-Lease

No Credit Checks

For Flexi-Lease we wont check your credit, you can drive away a new car unaffected by CCJs, Defaults or arrears.

No End Payment

Once the contact ends your free, as long as the car isn’t damaged and you’ve stayed within your agreed mileage you will have nothing extra to pay.

Short Term Deals

Flexi-Lease is a short term contract between 6-18 months. You can get a new car every year if you wish.

No Deposit

If you wish you can take Flexi-Lease on a zero deposit deal, or you can pay some deposit upfront to reduce your monthly payments.