Saloons, also known as sedans in the US are slightly different to their hatchback counterparts. They have an extended frame allowing for more leg room in the back, as well as a boot which opens separately from the rest of the car.
These have the obvious advantages of more space for passengers as well as any additional cargo or luggage. Although it can sometimes be harder to access with the access from the back seats.
These cars can be ideal for business people who want a car to match their professional image, as well as growing families that need extra room.

Some of our favourite Saloons:

  • BMW 5 Series saloon
  • Mercedes E-Class saloon
  • BMW 3 Series saloon
  • Audi A4 saloon
  • Volvo S90 saloon
  • Volkswagen Passat saloon
  • Mazda6 saloon
  • Audi A6 saloon